You perceive and process your concern with metaphors from the forest!


  • Own development

  • Team development

  • Organisational development

  • Conflict resolution


  • Conscious experience

  • Mindfulness & medidation

  • Painting & Crafting

  • Recipes for action

Target audience

  • Private persons

  • Enterprises

  • Instituts for further eduction

  • Schools

My approach

Perceiving, accepting, understanding, reflecting, learning and developing your needs together in the forest based on metaphors. In the forest you can «arrive and experience yourself» in order to feel your own highest future potential, to let yourself be drawn into it and then to act from this place. This approach that I call forest dialogue is based on Otto Scharmer's u-theory. Based on the procedure you will experiance a conscious forest dialogue or an unconscious forest dialogue

The coaching in the forest always takes place at your place, so that you unconsciously take up the perceived images and experiences during subsequent visits to the forest and thus, over time, specifically address your concerns and develop further. If you would like to prepare yourself for such an experience, I recommend my book «The forest as an organisation - what we unconsciously learn from a visit to the forest» (available in German).

Our collaboration

is based on respect, openness and trust.

Offers tailored to your needs

In a non-binding, free initial meeting (0.5 h) we clarify a joint procedure for you as an individual or as a group for a private or professional event. Once we have decided on a common path, I will outline a first visit to the forest regarding your concern and at your place. The price depends on the duration and number of participants.

Topic-based afternoons in groups

In a group of 5-10 participants, we each deal with one topic. Certain modules are available for this purpose in German.


Interested in coachings in the forest?

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