During my childhood, I learned to appreciate the forest as a place where I could collect, strengthen and inspire myself when spending time there. This has remained the case to this day. My fascination with the forest prompted me to study forest science. During my studies I became familiar with processes and interactions in the forest.

When I worked in Bolivia, Guinea, Namibia and Vietnam, I got to know different perspectives and approaches. I reflected on these experiences during my master's degree in transcultural communication and leadership. I then began to outline my own growth using communication, leadership and organisational development models and the “language of trees”. I rounded this off with my master's thesis: “The forest as an organisation – what we unconsciously learn from a visit to the forest”, which I published as a book in 2018. The forest stands for our society and organisations, and the individual trees represent us as humans.

Everyone is currently talking about forest bathing, which was developed in Japan. You may be aware that the forest can have a calming and stimulating effect. It is this very effect that I seek to explore with you in the forest, aiming to address your wishes or concerns for your own development or that of your team or environment. We use forest pictures and forest stories for this. By perceiving, taking on and understanding different impressions, you begin to reflect on yourself, learn from them and develop accordingly. I always find visits to the forest hugely valuable!

My values

  • Cooperative: combining expertise and resources meaningfully
  • Inspiring: demonstrating and consolidating new ways with enthusiasm
  • With integrity: acting from inner strength