Experience nature with all your senses and become aware of your own nature!




Be it with coaching sessions in the forest

or as inspiration from the book "The forest as an organisation - what we unconsciously learn from a visit to the forest". (available in German)

Why in the forest?

A place of relaxation

According to Yoshifumi Miyazaki, spending time in the forest has been proven to have a soothing effect: it lowers blood pressure, decreases the pulse rate and reduces the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol.

Our application →

Organisations are living systems

According to Frederic Laloux, living systems such as the forest can perceive changes and adapt to them from within.

Our potential  →

Forest as a metaphor

According to Peter Senge, metaphors and mental images are a successful method of concentrating the subconscious on one point.

Our anchorage  →

Our added value

If we use the forest as an instrument for our own development, we not only get to know ourselves and our environment better, but we also recognise the value of our forests and we advocate sustainable, careful handling of them.

My offer

Perceiving, accepting, understanding and reflecting on your needs in the area of personality, team and organisational development as well as conflict resolution in the forest in order to absorb and develop further.

To this end, we use forest pictures on our forest walks to visualise your concern and to build a bridge to theories and models of personal, team and organisational development. 

During my childhood, I learned to appreciate the forest as a place where I could collect, strengthen and inspire myself when spending time there. My fascination with the forest prompted me to study forest science.

Everyone is currently talking about forest bathing, which was developed in Japan. You may be aware that the forest can have a calming and stimulating effect. It is this very effect that I seek to explore with you in the forest, aiming to address your wishes or concerns for your own development or that of your team or environment. We use forest pictures and forest stories for this.

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